About Us


As Elisa Fashion, we are one of the leading companies in the sector with our 18 years of business experience. In our adventure that we started as SYR Eymen Tekstil in our factory in Güngören in 2013, we are taking firm steps towards becoming a brand with the stores we opened in Güngören and Merter.

Our company has entered the production sector since 2013; Our 1000 square meter building has a weekly production capacity of 15,000 units. It has 60 employees.

By working with fabric and accessory manufacturers with the assurance that our products are our own production, we become a preferred choice for our customers by obtaining more suitable results without compromising on quality, as we achieve lower costs.


Our differences


We Follow European Fashion While Designing the Models We Produce.

Since our products are our own production, our prices are our biggest reason for praise.

We Use the Highest Quality Raw Materials During the Production of the Models We Design.

We are taking firm steps towards becoming a bigger brand every day.

We are beneficial to our country with 100% domestic production.

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